had trouble getting matchit support working

Sam Roberts sroberts at uniserve.com
Sat Mar 25 17:37:34 EST 2006

I think its working now, but it took a little while, about 10 times
longer than getting vim-ruby from cvs and running the install script. I
didn't find the FAQ very clear, can I suggest:

 See |matchit-install| for instructions on installing "matchit", which will
 allow you to use |%| to bounce between Ruby keywords (class, def, while, ...)
-and their respective "end" keywords.
+and their respective "end" keywords. After installing "matchit", you need
+to provide support for it to work with Ruby. You may find this file to work
+when copied to ~/.vim/ftplugin/ruby_matchit.vim:
+  http://bike-nomad.com/vim/ruby.vim
+I had less success with:
+  http://rubystuff.org/vim/ruby_matchit.vim

The rubystuff.org file dumped errors to my console when I used "%".

The bike-nomad one seems to define a number of things unrelated to matchit.

I'd sure be happy if the support was merged with vim-ruby for the next


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