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Jeff Rose rosejn at
Wed Mar 1 10:38:08 EST 2006

Shoot.  I never use the arrow keys so I forgot about this problem. 
Maybe someone on the list has an idea what's causing the abc's to get 
printed when the arrows are hit in insert mode.  (up=A, down=B, right=C, 
left=D) You can look at the bottom of snippetMagic.vim if you have the 
plugin, or this is an example of what I'm doing:


" Remap the down key "
" NOTE: This nullifies active snippets. "
function! SnippetMagicDown()
if g:snippet_active
   call SnippetMagicFinish()
return "\<down>"
imap <Down> normal :call SnippetMagicDown()<cr>
vmap <Down> :call SnippetMagicDown()<cr>


I just included a patch and posted a new version that should fix some 
issues with snippets that included periods and dollar signs.

Thanks for the help,

Alexandru E. Ungur wrote:
>>>> sender: "Jeff Rose" date: "Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 12:42:47PM +0100" <<<EOQ
>> Thanks for catching that.  I updated the link to the correct one:
>> If you are using a graphical vim you should be able to select "ruby" 
>> from the SnippetMagic menu, and then when you hit tab after any of the 
>> defined tab-triggers it will print out a snippet.  You can then tab 
>> through the parts of the snippet to edit the pieces.  Here is a capture 
>> of the last version (working on new ones):
> Thank you very much, now the plugin makes much more sense to me :)
> I use the console vim, and select the ruby with
> :emenu SnippetMagic.ruby
> Everything works as expected, except that if I have the plugin installed
> the arrow keys are inserting A/B/C or D everytime I touch them (they
> do move however). If I delete the plugin files, everything comes back to
> normal.
> BTW, I'm not sure if this feedback is appropriate here on the list
> or not, so if it's not, I appologise.
> Alex
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