Addition of some new files

Thomas Adam thomas at
Thu Feb 9 19:21:57 EST 2006

 Hello all,

 I'm impressed with vim-ruby -- although I thought it would be nice to
 include some addition files, especially the ones on
 What I am proposing, isn't my own work.  Essentially they're vim files
 that I have seen on the web, although all of them are under the GPL.  I
 have made some modifications to some of the files.

 From what I can currently tell, vim-ruby has indent, syntax and
 compiler support, with ri support as well.  This is great, and it does
 exactly what I would have expected.  However the files I'd like to see
 distributed with it are the ones found in here:

 block_eval is really useful in that it converts a block of code, hence:

 [1,2,3].each {|a| p a}


 [1,2,3] do |a|
    p a

 ... and vice-versa, via the mapping ":B".  

 vim_folding does something similar for method definitions, via ":R"
 (and :zi/:za).

 ruby_structure -- this was from rubygarden -- essentially it allows
 one to use Shift + Enter to ident and complete various code blocks.   I
 can't tell you how useful this has been in the past.

 ruby_xml -- probably my most favourite -- in-line evaluation.  Perhaps
 better than irb in many ways.   I have the various functions of it
 bound to F5, F6 and F7 -- this was shamelessly stolen from again.

 You may consider this overkill -- I apologise in advance.  I certainly
 do not wish to tread on anyone's toes as it were.  I was also thinking
 of writing a simple menu vim file for gvim -- so that you could access
 the various functions of these scripts.  Might make it more appealing
 -- and I already have a something like it which I use for my own
 I am more than happy to help out however I can, of course.

-- Thomas Adam

I've been too honest with myself, I should have lied like everybody else.

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