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Thu Dec 8 19:55:12 EST 2005

Jeff Rose wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>   I just asked the vim-dev list, but then I realized this might be a
> better place.  I've been working on a vim plugin using the ruby module,
> and its required learning and using a fair amount of vim script.  Anyone
> know why at least the rest of the built-in functions haven't been
> included in the ruby API?  It would make it a lot easier to jump in and
> write useful scripts...

No, this is probably not a better place.  Sorry.  We only really deal
with the runtime system, not the API of the Ruby interface.  We can
basically not use anything except VimL, as we need the portability it
brings.  The maintainer of the Ruby interface is Shugo Maeda.  You could
perhaps contact him personally, as I don't think he reads vim-dev (well,
I haven't seen him post anyting to it anyway).  I think that the best
way to get more functionality into the interface is simply to provide
Shugo and/or Bram with patches to it.  Doing things yourself is (sadly)
the best way of getting things done.

Good luck.


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