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Thu Oct 13 18:27:48 EDT 2005

Hugh Sasse wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Doug Kearns wrote:

> > Does anyone have any objections to releasing these files under of
> > the Vim license rather than the GPL?

> Not sure about "rather than" -- "both" makes sense, but if something's
> GPL'd doesn't it get the RMS::Freedom meme tag that means it can't be
> un-GPL'd?    [An infinite number of licence lawyers with an infinite
> number of keyboards....wouldn't help]

The GPL isn’t herpes.  It’s not like someone can force us to continue to
release under a given license.  We decide what freedoms we give our
users.  It’s not for them to force their freedom to freedom upon us.
This is something I only realized recently myself (and I really hope I’m
right on this point, for if I’m not then the GPL is totally botched),

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