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Thu Oct 13 18:23:59 EDT 2005

Tim Hammerquist wrote:

> Nikolai Weibull wrote:

> > Tim Hammerquist wrote:

> > > If possible, how about releasing as *both*?  As in, either/or?

> > Why does it matter?  I have a hard time seeing how the miniscule
> > differences between the GPL and the Vim charityware licenses affect
> > us.  I also have a hard time seeing anyone ripping us off here in
> > any way that matters.  I???m not saying that licenses don???t
> > matter, but it???s not like somebody???s going to be using our code
> > in an embedded system somewhere and not telling us about it,

> Fair enough.  You seem to feel much more strongly against, than I feel
> in favor, and that's enough for me.

Man, beyond the anger management class I should really take a course in
writing and perhaps also one in rhetoric.  I don’t care much one way or
the other, but I don’t see a reason to use GPL over Vim’s license
either.  I think that if using Vim’s license makes for a simpler
release cycle (and keeps our headers clean), then that’s the way to go.
But I don’t want to force the issue.

A lot of crap has been going on in my life lately and I guess it shows.
I really hope that none of you has come to think of me as a bit of an
asshole for lashing out on the slightest of issues.

Gavin: you’ve done a fine work and I appreciate the attention that the
vim-ruby project has gotten as a result of it.

Doug: the same goes for you.  You’ve queried me politely about issues
and made me take the time to fix some bugs in my code, without bending
my arm.  Thank you for staying cool and for the pleasant

I still think that vim-ruby should have an even closer relationship to a
central Vim repository.  However, this is a big issue and is not
something that we are solely responsible for finding a solution to,

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