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Thu Oct 13 16:25:16 EDT 2005

Tim Hammerquist wrote:

> Doug Kearns wrote:

> > Does anyone have any objections to releasing these files under
> > of the Vim license rather than the GPL?

No.  All I require is that my name be mentioned somewhere, and it
already is so I’m cool.

> > As Nikolai predicted Bram would prefer it.

The name people will be referring to in 300 years time will not be
Nostradamus but Weibullus.

> > I don't actually remember the reason this occurred...

> No qualms here.  If possible, how about releasing as *both*?  As
> in, either/or?

Why does it matter?  I have a hard time seeing how the miniscule
differences between the GPL and the Vim charityware licenses affect us.
I also have a hard time seeing anyone ripping us off here in any way
that matters.  I’m not saying that licenses don’t matter, but it’s not
like somebody’s going to be using our code in an embedded system
somewhere and not telling us about it,

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