ANN: New stable release

Hugh Sasse hgs at
Thu Sep 15 18:15:56 EDT 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Doug Kearns wrote:

> I've just sent up vim-ruby-2005.09.15.

I've given this a spin on an XP machine.  I tried using an eruby
file and observed from ftdetect/ruby.vim that *.erb is not included
with *.rhtml.  So I added that to where it had been installed (in my
vimfiles directory).  I then re-edited my thing.erb file, and it
still came up as being xml.

So I edited C:/Program Files/vim/vim63/filetype.vim and added an
entry mapping "*.erb,*.rhtml\t\tsetf eruby" and this worked.

The other thing that didn't work as expected was that the installer
didn't know that C:/Program Files/vim/vim63/ was a goot place to
look..  Maybe I'm keeping  it in a silly place, but vim seems happy

         * * *

Now, earlier today I installed the gem on a sun system.  It told me
to run the installer afterwards, but didn't remind me where it was
hidden.  Is that relatively easy to fix?  When I get a moment I'll
poke around with gem environment....


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