PATCH: link rubyIdentifier to NONE when ruby_no_identifiers is set

Nikolai Weibull mailing-lists.vim-ruby-development at
Wed Aug 24 19:48:03 EDT 2005

Doug Kearns wrote:

> Nikolai, you're the only one I've come across who actually uses this
> so let me know if there are any problems.

Please excuse my tardiness.  Actually, I have my own funky handling of
identifiers.  I don't think that what you've done should cause any
problems, though.

This is what I have:

syn match  rubyScopeSpecifier           display containedin=rubyClassVariable,rubyInstanceVariable,rubyGlobalVariable "\%(@\+\|\$\)"
syn match  rubyClassVariable		"@@\h\w*"		display
syn match  rubyInstanceVariable		"@\h\w*"		display
syn match  rubyGlobalVariable		"$\%(\h\w*\|-.\)"       display

I like having global variables highlighted (so as to not use thum).  And
I like having the scope-specifier highlighted in @blah and @@bluh.
Having them highlighted makes them stand out, without hurting my eyes,

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