Installation script's target directory

Hugh Sasse hgs at
Thu Jul 28 09:36:38 EDT 2005

On Thu, 28 Jul 2005, Doug Kearns wrote:

> Currently it appears that we're attempting to install the vim-ruby
> runtime files into $VIMRUNTIME which should really only contained the
> default distributed files.

Well, it should really only contain the system-wide settings
determined by the admin(s) of the machines mounting this stuff....
Normally, vims defaults are the right thing, (though matchit is good
to have).
> It would be better to default to, $HOME/.vim (or $HOME/vimfiles for
> Windows) and $VIM/vimfiles.

I don't know how many other users than me here make use of vim and
ruby, but I like being able to give them the benefits of this
package, once and for all users.  Also, when users ask me for help it
is nice to spin up vim and have it work sensibly, even if they
prefer to use EMACS normally when I'm not doing stuff for them.
Sometimes it is easier to write a ruby program then and there to
solve the problem, in which case I want the things I'm used to

If this is to change, I think we need a way to make it optional, and
it would seem strange to me if most users didn't want to utilise
this stuff, so I'd have it default to current behaviour.

Then there's the case of the admins who've installed Ruby and Vim
for some users, and get pestered to update things for them from time
to time.  Their job should be kept easy, too.

> Any objections?
> Regards, Doug
> PS. Is HOME set on Windows in Win2k and later?

IIRC in XP you have to set it, but it's a while since I did.

         Thank you,

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