[BUG] Broken indentation

Nikolai Weibull mailing-lists.vim-ruby-development at rawuncut.elitemail.org
Sun Apr 10 10:33:05 EDT 2005

Gavin Sinclair, April 11:

> P.S. I repeat: the following two fragments are _not_ equivalent!
>   10.times do
>     puts(x) rescue nil
>   end
>   10.times do
>     puts(x)
>   rescue
>     nil
>   end
> If the second fragment were legal, they'd be equivalent (I guess) but
> only for the special case where there's only one line in the block!

OK.  Still, I'm not fixing this.  If anyone has an interest and would
like to try, then please, go right ahead.  I'm booked for the next 6
months or so,

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