eruby and vim: rhtml

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at
Fri Apr 1 06:27:36 EST 2005

On Friday, April 1, 2005, 8:21:06 PM, Doug wrote:

>> > When I do that, the strings <%, <%=, and %> get highlighted with a
>> > yellow background, as if they're errors or something.  Do you get a
>> > similar effect?
>> Anyone?  That yellow background is annoying, and I'm selfishly asking
>> someone to investigate.
> It's because the erubyRubyDelim syntax group is linked against the TODO
> highlight group. See line 35.

> You can change this by adding a line to a ~/.vim/after/syntax/eruby.vim
> file such as:

> hi link erubyRubyDelim XXX

> where XXX is any of the highlight groups specified under
> :help group-name

I researched this myself, but thanks Doug.  I found it difficult to
understand the reference docs on :highlight, so just learned by
example.  Linking it to "Special" looks good to me.  Makes the eRuby
stand out without making it look really ugly.

I don't like the fact that when the filetype is eruby, the filetype
becomes HTML.

I'll correspond with the plugin author on these matters and ask what
he thinks about including it in this project.


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