Patch for nested brackets in strings

Ken Miller ken.miller at
Wed Mar 23 15:23:55 EST 2005


Doing some metaprogramming, I noticed that nested brackets in
generalized string literals are not handled correctly.  Here's the
code that triggered it:

	(1..12).each do |index|
		monthname = Date::MONTHNAMES[index]
		class_eval %{
			def test_#{monthname.downcase}
				MONTHS.each_pair do |key, value|
					assert_equal(value[#{index}], at days[key].select { |a| a.month ==
#{index} }.length,
							"Wrong number of days in #{monthname.capitalize}, \#{key}")

Ruby detects and skips over nested delimiters, but the syntax code doesn't.

I approach vim syntax with some fear, but the attached patch appears
to fix the problem, and to the extent of my testing (vim 6.3 windows)
does not introduce any unwanted behavior.  To apply the patch, cd to
syntax directory and run

patch ruby.vim nested-brackets.patch

Thanks for the existing work!

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