[long] Still: Bug?: Vim folding for Ruby broken

Kaspar Schiess eule at space.ch
Thu Nov 18 13:54:11 EST 2004

Hello Hugh,

a quick update: upon downgrading to vim 62, the problem went away. It is
a recent one... and one that is specific to windows, apparently.

Here's a %!xxd from my famous test:
0000000: 636c 6173 7320 5465 7374 0a20 2064 6566  class Test.  def
0000010: 2066 6f6f 0a20 2020 205b 312c 322c 335d   foo.    [1,2,3]
0000020: 2e65 6163 6820 646f 200a 2020 2020 2020  .each do .
0000030: 7075 7473 0a20 2020 2065 6e64 0a20 2065  puts.    end.  e
0000040: 6e64 0a65 6e64 0a0a 6465 6620 666f 6f0a  nd.end..def foo.
0000050: 2020 5b31 2c32 2c33 5d2e 6561 6368 2064    [1,2,3].each d
0000060: 6f20 0a20 2020 2070 7574 730a 2020 656e  o .    puts.  en
0000070: 640a 656e 640a 0a                        d.end..

As you can see I have switched to using ff=unix, but haven't chased the
bug with that either.

So if you want to stop spending time on this bug, I can live with the
workaround of vim62. However I am willing to assist with filing bug
report or further analysis if you are interested.

I have also been contacted by Doug Kearns; I will be redirecting him to
our discussion this list.

best regards,


hand manufactured code - www.tua.ch/ruby

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