Bug?: Vim folding for Ruby broken

Kaspar Schiess eule at space.ch
Tue Nov 16 12:25:20 EST 2004

Hello Hugh,

>> +   def foo
>> |     [1,2,3].each do
>> |+      puts
>> ||    end
>> |   end
> Can you tell us what you expected to happen?
> Maybe cat a file containing a modeline (like  # vim:set sw=2 et: )
> and an example that fails then we can be (mor) sure what we are
> testing?

The trouble is with the fold starting at the line marked with '+', 
meaning the line containing the 'puts' string, and not the line where 
the 'do' keyword actually occurs.

You seem to lack fold margin, this is a very nice feature IMHO, you can 
enable it by
  set fdc=5
(for a fold column of 5). This also shows you where folds start and 
where they end.

I think we have to find out if your version of vim folds these lines as 
mine does (question A) and if the folding behaviour (if the answer to A 
is yes) is what you suppose it to be.

Attached to this mail is a screenshot of a part of my vim interface, 
showing the rendering with fdc=5.

Thank you for investing in this,

hand manufactured code - www.tua.ch/ruby

PS: This message might get misthreaded since I currently cannot access 
vim-ruby trough gmane. I hope that will be fixed in the next few days...

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