Embedded C code in Ruby strings

Jonathan Paisley jp-www at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Mon Nov 15 10:57:07 EST 2004

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 3:24pm +0100, Nikolai Weibull wrote:

> * Jonathan Paisley <jp-www at dcs.gla.ac.uk> [Nov 15, 2004 15:00]:

>> I wanted to highlight in vim the embedded C code as C, so I added extra
>> definitions for the ruby here doc which match against the tag 'EOC'
>> (end-of-C).
> This should probably not go into the core.

I agree with that in general, but I think that since it's a useful 
capability, it'd be good to find some place to keep a record of a 
solution for other people who have similar goals.

Perhaps just the mailing list archive is appropriate, or a page on a wiki. 
Another alternative might be to include it as an optional capability in 
the core, where the user can set what magic terminator they'd like to use 
(if at all) for their language of choice.


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