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Wed Oct 15 02:12:29 EDT 2003

* Gavin Sinclair <gsinclair at> [Oct, 15 2003 00:51]:
> There's a recent bug report that says that comments always get
> "indented" flush against the left margin.
> Previous revisions had comments ignored in indenting operations.
> The bug report suggests aligning comments with current indent level,
> which I support, but different people have different commenting
> styles.  What do you think should be done?
OK.  To be able to work correctly we basically need to ignore comment
lines.  People may mess with them themselves.  If you enter the text
yourself, everything will work fine.  If you simply cut and paste
something like

class Foo
def initialize()
#sets up stuff

from an outside source, the #sets up stuff line will not be touched.
This, I think, is OK for maintaining everything else working correctly.
They don't flush left if entered interactively.  Either this, or they
are using some old version that may have had an intermediate bug.  the
latest CVS works fine.

What happens is that if the script finds that a line is only a comment,
it is ignored.  If it is completely inside a string it is also ignored.
The lines current indent is used instead.  I may try to figure out some
other way of doing this (I'll think over it's necessity) but this is how
it works atm.

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