Windows and Email

Tim Hammerquist tim+vim-ruby at
Tue Oct 14 13:38:38 EDT 2003

Nikolai Weibull wrote:
> Btw, do you guys use vim under Windows?  All the ff=unix and
> executable scripts tells me so.  Why not unix?

I use Vim under Windows 2000 all the time at work (where I don't
have a choice).  I even changed my CodeWright icon to actually
launch a Vim session, as the 'V' can be somewhat conspicuous.
I actually have two Vim's installed: one GVim for when I feel
like using my mouse, and the Vim that comes with cygwin for when
I'm buried in a console window.

At home I use only Linux and *BSD.  I can do enterprise-level
server operations without spending thousands of $$s, I can still
watch the "Return of the King" trailers, and I can safely forget
where my reset button is.  :)

> Also, how do you feel about spam protecting the ChangeLog
> entries?  I am contemplating changing my email entry to
> 	Nikolai Weibull <source at pcppopper dot org>
> or some such, any suggestions or comments?

I'm not sure what sort of regexps or algorithms spammers use, but
I figure it will only be a matter of (short) time.  I would not
oppose such mangling.

btw, I'll be out of town at a wedding for the week, but I'll try
to check in, just in case. :)

Tim Hammerquist
Hmm, doubtful.  The source code generally wasn't there when I needed it.
    -- Larry Wall when asked if he learned Perl from the perl source

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