Windows and Email

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at
Tue Oct 14 21:47:26 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 8:32:03 PM, Nikolai wrote:

> Btw, do you guys use vim under Windows?  All the ff=unix and executable
> scripts tells me so.  Why not unix?

I dig Unix, but for personal use the actual kernel is not an issue, but
usable software is.  Cygwin (and Vim) gives me the best of both
worlds, though not without some hassles.  Windows XP is pretty good in
most ways.  My dream is to have a Mac with OS X.

> Also, how do you feel about spam protecting the ChangeLog entries?  I am
> contemplating changing my email entry to
>         Nikolai Weibull <source at pcppopper dot org>
> or some such, any suggestions or comments?

I have nothing against that; I may even follow suit.  I doubt anyone
here knows precisely how spam-harvesters work, but are they advanced
enough to recognise "at" and "dot" yet?


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