How do you use CVS?

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Tue Oct 14 15:50:53 EDT 2003

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Subject: How do you use CVS?

> OK, I've been meaning to ask for quite some time now.  How do you
> your files locally?  Right now I have the vim-ruby CVS tree in
> ~/src/cvs/vim-ruby/ and I play around with the files in ~/.vim/ and
> done I copy them to the previous directory and commit.  This is rather
> stupid I feel, but I can't envision moving the CVS to ~/.vim/.  How do
> you do it?

Much like you. :-)

My ~/.vim/* files are all customised so using those in the CVS working
directory directly doesn't make much sense for me. I just copy across
appropriate changes before committing. This works well enough since the
are small - unless it's very late at night and I don't check the diff

Doug [ who's lost his HDD and will be out of action for a while ]

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