Tim Hammerquist tim+vim-ruby at
Fri Sep 26 18:34:10 EDT 2003

Gavin Sinclair wrote:
> How do you think we should "version" our neat little package?
> Up to now, I've just marked them with a date, but something
> about that kinda sucks.  To me, anyway, which is why I want to
> know what you think.
> For some reason, I figured that version numbers didn't really
> seem right for this, but now I'm not sure.
> If we did use version numbers, I guess the next release could
> be a 1.0.  But we still want stable and development releases.
> I suppose we could have 1.0-devel for a while before releasing
> 1.0-stable.
> So we need a version scheme and a CVS tag scheme to go with it.

AFAICT, we have several relatively independent sub-projects here
with completely separate timelines/goals/etc.  While not entirely
different from your average Linux distro, for instance, I think
just making occasional "snapshots" and stamping the tarball with
the date is the way to go.

Besides, most versioning on larger conglomerate projects
(distros, eg) are based on either a marketing goal reached
(Redhat 9 featuring Bluecurve) or introduction of improved
packaging tools (apt-get for Debian).

This would not, however, rule out special "milestone" releases
when one or more subprojects reaches certain milestones or goals.

Just my USD$0.02,

PS: Was that too Linux-centric?  It just seemed like a decent
analogy at the time.
    Simply changing into a costume or wearing a teensy mask can make you
    utterly unrecognizable to even your closest friends and relatives.

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