rubyNumber and IsInStringOrComment

Nikolai Weibull vim-ruby-devel-list at
Fri Sep 26 15:02:46 EDT 2003

* Doug Kearns <djkea2 at> [Sep, 26 2003 13:21]:
> Wrong about the scope of IsInStringOrComment?
yeah, ;-)  badly named i spose, was right from the beginning, then had
to widen its checking.
> So, IsInStringOrComment should also test if the current character
> position matches as rubyASCIICode at the top level?
yeah.  just add rubyASCIICode to the list of alternatives.
WAIT!  what version of the indent file are you using?  i have no
rubyNumber in my version, other than in s:skip_expr (where rubyNumber
should be rubyASCIICode).  weird, wait...lemme check, weird.
anyway, now all relevant changes should be in CVS.  please update and
see if what I put there works alright.  (i s/Number/ASCIICode/

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