PATCH: splitting the rubyInteger syntax group

Nikolai Weibull vim-ruby-devel-list at
Wed Sep 24 11:40:01 EDT 2003

* Doug Kearns <djkea2 at> [Sep, 24 2003 08:40]:
> If I could define 'decent' I could probably give you an answer. I've had
> a reasonable amount of feedback similar to Nikolai's but not a lot from
> users with the opposite point of view. This may, in fact, suggest that
> you're correct.
I've come to realize that the less you highlight the more effective your
highlighting will be.  i'm not saying we should only highlight comments
and maybe strings, i'm saying that keeping highlighting to things that
really matter and things that users expect often works out better than
highlighting every syntactic unit we can figure out.  I mean, most users
expect strings, numbers, keywords, and comments to be highlighted.  not
much more is necessary generally.  then there are some niceties one may
add.  but adding them or not greatly depends.  more often than not, one
probably shouldn't.  I however, really like the expensive 'end' matcher
that highlights 'end's differently depending on what they match.
question is, is it really necessary - does it add any to the ease of
editing the text?  highlighting should be about easily discerning what a
piece of text is.  this becomes less easy the more the surrounding text
is highlighted as well.  i hope this makes sense.

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