PATCH: splitting the rubyInteger syntax group

Nikolai Weibull vim-ruby-devel-list at
Wed Sep 24 11:34:35 EDT 2003

* Doug Kearns <djkea2 at> [Sep, 19 2003 19:30]:
> I certainly have considered making it more configurable; what level of
> granularity is desirable?
well, not too much.  one simply switch is fine with me ;-)
i want to keep my .vimrc small.
> You only highlight @var and @@var and note @var and @@var?
>                    ^        ^^             ^^^^     ^^^^^
only the @ and @@, seems to work fine for me ;-)
> Should the default be minimal highlighting?
well, for me it would be great ;-).
sorry for not responding, didn't get this mail until now.
Swen has really busted my email address.  i've basically had to get a
new one,

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