PATCH: splitting the rubyInteger syntax group

Nikolai Weibull lone-star at
Thu Sep 18 21:27:12 EDT 2003

* Doug Kearns <djkea2 at> [Sep, 18 2003 17:10]:
> I've split the rubyInteger syntax group into multiple groups -
> rubyASCIICode, rubyHexadecimal, rubyDecimal, rubyOctal, and rubyBinary
thank you, atleast for the ascii code split.  the others seem redundant
;-), but that's just me.  by the way, you haven't considered making it
more lightweight by any chance? ;-)  I've made my own from an old one of
yours, which basically only highlights def's, the @ in variables, global
variables, and keywords, strings, and comments.  this works fine for me.
should we perhaps have both a 'do-it-all' and 'do-some' version?  and a
global variable to allow selecting the one the users prefer?  like the
old ruby_no_expensive variable,

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