CVS access issues

Tim Hammerquist tim+vim-ruby at
Wed Aug 13 09:52:59 EDT 2003

Gavin Sinclair wrote:
> Can you please explain to me how you've avoided using CVS? :)

Well, this is the first time I've actively participated in a
collaborative project outside of work.  Before I would only
submit patches or files to a maintainer (Bram) or upload releases
directly to CPAN...

Ironically, my department at my dayjob, which had been using PVCS
up until recently, has decided to switch to CVS.  So this has
given me the time and excuse to devote enough time to learn CVS.

> > If anyone has any information on this, please let me know.
> > Thanks!
> I suggest changing directory inside vim-ruby and trying it
> again.  If that works, I'll be a bit surprised, but it's worth
> a shot.

No luck.  This is with both password and public key
authentication, both successful.  Regardless of local path,
server maintains I need write access.  Changing CVSROOT
predictably tells me it can't find the CVSROOT directory. :)

> Otherwise, a quick email to Tom Copeland will sort it out, I'm
> sure.

I will experiment some more this evening.  If I don't have any
success, I'll drop Tom a line.

Thanks all!
Tim Hammerquist
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