CVS access issues

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at
Wed Aug 13 20:27:57 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, 6:43:32 PM, Tim wrote:

> Hey all,

> I noticed that all our source files in CVS have the URL
> <>.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I have
> <> bookmarked in my browser.

::slap:: That's only the tenth time I've made that mistake...

> IAC, I attempted to fix the file itself via CVS and did fine,
> logging in via SSH, fetching the module, and editing the file.
> However, upon commiting the server informed me:

>     cvs [server aborted]: "commit" requires write access to the repository

> I checked the vim-ruby admin pages and I have CVS commit
> permissions.  I am, however, very new to CVS (1 day, in fact), so
> it's quite possibly user error.

Can you please explain to me how you've avoided using CVS? :)

> If anyone has any information on this, please let me know.
> Thanks!

I suggest changing directory inside vim-ruby and trying it again.  If
that works, I'll be a bit surprised, but it's worth a shot.

Otherwise, a quick email to Tom Copeland will sort it out, I'm sure.


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