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Tim Hammerquist tim+vim-ruby at vegeta.ath.cx
Wed Jul 30 19:17:39 EDT 2003

Gavin Sinclair wrote:
> doug, your desire to ssh into rubyforge will remain forever
> unfulfilled.  tom and rich see no need for shell accounts for
> everybody, and fear the bandwidth issues of providing them.
> scp and cvs are all that's required.  You can create a public
> key for yourself, somehow, so you don't need to give your
> password with every CVS operation.

This works.  The keys would be generated by ssh-keygen, part of
the openssh suite.  Paste the contents of your
~/.ssh/identity.pub file in the text box of the form.  It appears
to take some time for the posted public key to propagate to the
user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file, but it does work now.

> About the mailing list, I've got to spend some time tuning the
> parameters.  If you guys have a preference for anything let me
> know.  My preferences are to lock non-subscribers out (doesn't
> everyone hate spam?), and to set Reply-To to the list.  About
> sending out monthly password reminders, etc., I'm agnostic.

non-subscribers | bounce
spammers > /dev/hell

The rest sounds fine. :)

> About the license.  It's still up for discussion, of course,
> but the default option at the moment is to release all the code
> in the project under the GPL.  Please discuess issues relating
> to disclaimers, standard text to appear in files, etc.  I can't
> be arsed including a COPYLEFT file or whatever - it seems so
> unnecessary.  Anyone want one?

I agree.  I don't honestly see any reason why the GPL alone won't

wrt individual files in the distribution, each standalone
component should probably include either the standard or
abbreviated in-file GPL banner, along with the GNU.org URL for
the full license text.

Tim Hammerquist
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