Where we're at

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Thu Jul 31 01:01:32 EDT 2003


We're just waiting for Tim to sign up to the mailing list.  I just did
it myself, as I rudely found out that being list administrator does
not imply that you are subscribed.

OK, what are the loose ends?

Doug, your desire to ssh into RubyForge will remain forever
unfulfilled.  Tom and Rich see no need for shell accounts for
everybody, and fear the bandwidth issues of providing them.  scp and
cvs are all that's required.  You can create a public key for
yourself, somehow, so you don't need to give your password with every
CVS operation.

Nikolai, your CVS access should be sweet now.  Let us know.  For Tim
and Doug's information, Nikolai has (he assures me :) greatly improved
the indent/ruby.vim file.  He actually contacted me about it a few
days before the project launched - what serendipity.  If I had some
time left after maintaining the project to write some Ruby code, I
might be able to test his claim ;)

About the mailing list, I've got to spend some time tuning the
parameters.  If you guys have a preference for anything let me know.
My preferences are to lock non-subscribers out (doesn't everyone hate
spam?), and to set Reply-To to the list.  About sending out monthly
password reminders, etc., I'm agnostic.

About the license.  It's still up for discussion, of course, but the
default option at the moment is to release all the code in the project
under the GPL.  Please discuess issues relating to disclaimers,
standard text to appear in files, etc.  I can't be arsed including a
COPYLEFT file or whatever - it seems so unnecessary.  Anyone want one?

About the files themselves.  I think I'll go through them and include
the project or home page URL, if that's all right with you.  We've had
a few downloads already, so we might as well get these things right.

Also, I'll throw a vim-ruby-devel.tar.gz up there in a minute.  If
people are downloading the files, they may as well have easy access to
the latest stuff.

I think that's it.  Anyway, if not, plenty more emails where this came


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