A new, and very improved indent/ruby.vim

Nikolai Weibull lone-star at home.se
Wed Jul 30 17:01:36 EDT 2003

* Nikolai Weibull <lone-star at home.se> [Jul, 30 2003 15:50]:
> OK.  About 8 hours worth of work (Vim scripting is a pain), here it
> is.  A goddam smashing update to the indent/ruby.vim file.  It seems
> to be working rather flawlessly.  I can think of some issues i would
> like to solve (indenting bad syntax correctly a bit better), but
> otherwise everything works like a charm.  Many of the niceties about
> Vim's built-in C indenter exist, and I can't personally think of
> anything it currently lacks.
hm...apparently another 10-12 hours went into it yesterday.  my
girlfriend thought it was strange how i could put so much time into
something so uninteresting ;-).  anyway, this one indents
/usr/lib/ruby/1.6/tk.rb to perfection (it maintains the indent
everywhere, except where matz has made mistakes, which it fixes ;-)
it is truly one of the most (if not _the_ most) advanced indenters for
Vim at the moment.  hopefully i haven't altered it too much to match
tk.rb that it won't work for other files ;-).  it's even quite fast, so
give it a try,

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