[holy ruby programmers batman!] stability / lisp interpreter

Markus Prinz markus.prinz at qsig.org
Tue Jan 22 09:40:39 EST 2008

On 22.01.2008, at 15:02, Giles Bowkett wrote:

>>> [...] because based on code from a book I think it's probably pretty
>>> easy, or at least doable, to add a Lisp interpreter to IRB with
>>> Utility Belt.
>> Would that book be "Practical Ruby Projects"?
> Yup. I've been playing with the MIDI code in it too. It's fantastic.

Yeah. I'm working through the part with the genetic algorithms right  
now. Haven't tried out the MIDI code yet because the SimpleSynth  
software that you need for OS X wasn't available back when I first  
wanted to.

But it's a great book, and if you need/want some help implementing  
that Lisp interpreter I'd be glad to help.

g, Markus

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