[holy ruby programmers batman!] First commit

Avdi Grimm avdi at avdi.org
Sun Jan 13 23:42:19 EST 2008

I've just committed a revision which I hope hasn't b0rken anything.  I
had intended to just submit my interactive_editor enhancements, but I
found that a couple of things weren't working, so I attempted to fix
them.  Namely:

1) "spec spec" didn't work for me, apparently because I didn't have
the utilitybelt gem installed and it couldn't find the files to
require.  I added a spec helper which prepends the local search path
to $LOAD_PATH *after* rubygems is loaded to ensure that the files
under test will always be pulled from the local sandbox.

2) The default list of files to load in equipper.rb referred to
wirble.rb and syntax_coloring.rb which, as far as I can tell, don't
exist.  I removed them from the list.

If I was just missing something and/or misconfigured please let me know.


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