[holy ruby programmers batman!] Changes made in the last week

Markus Prinz markus.prinz at qsig.org
Sun Jan 13 17:25:56 EST 2008

Hello list,

Just to keep you informed about some of the changes I made to Utility  
Belt recently:

.) The google, amazon and pastie executables now all use the Equipper  
to load their respective gadgets.
.) Refactored the google-, amazon-, and pastie-gadgets, so that they  
are in their own modules now (Couldn't test amazon though, since I  
don't have an account there)
.) Clipboard.available? tells you wether a clipboard implementation is  
available on the platform (so you needn't check the platform  
yourself). I already have some code for linux, but haven't been able  
to test it yet, so it's not in the repo yet.
.) Removed MacClipboard entirely (except in the documentation), and  
updated all gadgets/specs to use the new Clipboard implementation
.) Google and Pastie are now (theoretically) able to launch the  
browsers with the generated urls on windows (see below for  
.) Running all specs at one ("spec spec") now only produces two warnings
.) The Clipboard class and the pastie, google and  
amazon_upload_shortcut now are only available at the top level if they  
are loaded inside IRB
.) Everything wirble-related (init, colorizing, themes) is now in one  

There's apparently a problem with the current version of  
Win32::Clipboard, since it doesn't load properly, thus the Clipboard  
class doesn't currently. I've tested the Clipboard code a week ago on  
windows, and it worked then, so I'm quite sure it's not my fault :)  
(especially since I can't load it directly from the irb prompt as  
well). This means that any code that uses the clipboard currently  
doesn't work right now.

On another note: Anyone know how to launch the default browser (with a  
specific url) under linux?

regards, Markus

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