[holy ruby programmers batman!] Replacement for MacClipboard

Markus Prinz markus.prinz at qsig.org
Tue Jan 8 14:41:33 EST 2008

Hello list,

I'm programming on a replacement for the MacClipboard class that works  
on all platforms (where all is Windows, Linux and OS X). Attached is  
the code I've got so far, but there are some Issues with it. Namely,  
while it works fine on OS X and Windows (assuming the win32-clipboard  
gem is installed), the Linux support is flakey at best.

The first problem is that unlike the other two OS, the X Server and  
(apparently) GNOME and KDE all have their own Clipboard  
implementation. I've decided to target X's clipboard (since that would  
work anywhere) using the xsel tool[0]. Harkins on IRC was nice enough  
to help me test the code (I don't have access to a Linux running an X  
server right now), and as it turns out xsel likes to kill the xterm it  
runs in.

So if anyone has any ideas regarding clipboard support under Linux,  
I'd be grateful for ideas/pointers/code. Otherwise Linux support will  
have to wait, and I'll just check in the Windows and OS X  
implementation for now.

regards, Markus

[0] http://www.vergenet.net/~conrad/software/xsel/

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