[holy ruby programmers batman!] another potential addition

Tim Connor timocratic at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 20:05:06 EST 2008

On Jan 3, 2008 4:57 PM, Tim Connor <timocratic at gmail.com> wrote:
> If nobody object, I am going to add
> http://drnicwilliams.com/2006/10/12/my-irbrc-for-consoleirb/ the
> .what? method when I get a chance.

Of course, trying to use it at the same time as u_b, shows the problem
with overloading object too much - enumeration of methods gets
dangerous (pastie gets called, since what? goes through all the
methods, at least of arity 0).  Hmm, I'll have to play with that
(worse case make it skip "pastie").

Is Pastie.new too verbose? (could then have the option of making
"pastie" a method on Object, instead of doing so by default).

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