[holy ruby programmers batman!] svn access / next release

Tim Connor timocratic at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 15:12:56 EST 2008

> 1) Does a nice stress-free approach exist? (Letting somebody else do it counts.)
If there is an easy way to tag gems for release in RF, then yes (which
there has to be, right?) - use the standard /tags /branches/ /trunk
set-up and just tag trunk when it's at a stable point

> 2) Why git over svn?
'cause svn handles merging about as well as Helen Keller drove Nascar,
and we got into a tangent about it.  I'd say, if there is a way to tag
releases, it's easiest to just stick with mainline trunk development,
and anyone who wants to play with breaking changes can keep them
local, or push them up to a branch for review, and then it's up to
them to figure out how. Keep it simple for most stuff, and people who
want to get fancy can.  Anyways, then if some svk/git ninja wants to
do it that way, you can just leave merging back to trunk up to them,
when they have their changes worked out about right.


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