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Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 10:57:10 EST 2008

> > As an aside, I had a pretty wicked idea, which is that instead of
> > building a Lisp interpreter into Utility Belt, it might be more fun
> > (but probably also a lot more work) to build an Arc interpreter
> > instead.
> Silly question I'm sure, but... why?

It's not necessarily a silly question, per se, but I have to admit it
makes no sense to me at all. I think the only answer I can give is

Probably a moot question, though, as I looked into it and it really
requires an awful lot of work. As far as I can tell the easiest way to
do it is to cook up Ruby DL bindings to C for MzScheme, but that would
fundamentally separate the Ruby and Lisp/Arc interpreters.

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