[holy ruby programmers batman!] Fwd: [ utilitybelt-Patches-17735 ] Support for clipboard, google, s3 and pastie on Linux with KDE

Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 02:19:53 EST 2008

I'm not sure the answer to all this, I've only got the one box. I have
a VMWare for Windows XP but it completely rapes my CPU.
freedesktop.org sounds good, but it's more about the code we have.
I've been working hard in my acting class and also on a
music-generating system, so I'm kind of fuzzy on what we have. IIRC we
have Clipboard for Mac, Windows (except not?) and at least KDE,
possibly more.

As an aside, I had a pretty wicked idea, which is that instead of
building a Lisp interpreter into Utility Belt, it might be more fun
(but probably also a lot more work) to build an Arc interpreter

Giles Bowkett

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