[holy ruby programmers batman!] git/svn/patches?

Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 15:30:55 EST 2007

Hey Tim - currently my spec's at 1.1.0:

<macbook of doom:giles> [12-31 12:28] ~/programming/cap_dox
 !  spec -v
RSpec-1.1.0 (build 20071214045307) - BDD for Ruby

I don't really know when I made that change though. It's possible I
may have had to delete the 1.0.8 spec to do it. I'll give the new
specs a go. Definitely wouldn't want to retrofit to 1.0.8, though, if
I were on 1.0.8 it'd be better to push me to 1.1.0.

On 12/31/07, Tim Connor <timocratic at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah, it looked like it's a problem with 1.0.8 not supporting running
> the before block on a nested describe the same way.  I tested what it
> takes to make it work with 1.0.8, but it's be less DRY.
> I'm attaching a patch against head that works with 1.1.0+.  Let me
> know if you want me to make it 1.0.8 compatible.
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