[holy ruby programmers batman!] Adding a configuration file to Utility Belt

Markus Prinz markus.prinz at qsig.org
Mon Dec 24 14:28:25 EST 2007

On 24.12.2007, at 19:35, Giles Bowkett wrote:

>>> PDI!
>> Sorry?
> PDI = please do investigate

Ah, I see. Thanks.

> It looks good. This is probably presumptuous of me but I think the
> best thing to do with Wirble is fold it into the gadgets category so
> that people can equip it or not as they choose, and further treat
> Wirble's syntax coloring as an additional gadget, and fit that into
> this gadgets system by just creating a "gadget" file in lib which just
> says:
> Wirble.colorize
> and keep the Wirble.init in utility_belt.rb.

That'd be no problem.

> There's only a few things I'ld change, which is that I'd rather see
> the UtilityBelt.equip calls in .irbrc as opposed to an additional
> file,

They are in .irbrc, since Avdi Grimm pointed out that having an  
additional config file wasn't really necessary, and I agree.

> I think I'd go for a "best of" default rather than making :all
> the default,

Wouldn't be a hard change. All you need to edit is the call in the  
IRB_RC-lambda to UtilityBelt.equip, in utility_belt.rb.

> and last but not least allowing people to specify their
> :except gadgets as Strings, Symbols, or Arrays of either one.

I can update the patch for all these, if you want.

Oh, and is the git-patch-format fine or do you prefer another format?

> But I'm expecting to merge this in over the next few days.


regards, Markus

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