[holy ruby programmers batman!] Editor Defaults

Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 11:30:38 EST 2007

nice! The original patch was awesome but I couldn't get the specs to
run. If other people can get the specs to run I'll assume there's
something off with my box. It's possible, I just upgraded to Leopard
and it killed ssh and scp, along with a few other bits and pieces.

> Question for Giles: is there any reason the edited file is read using
> Object.class_eval(`cat #{@file.path}`) rather than
> Object.class_eval(@file.read)?

Yeah, but it's kind of a stupid reason. Initially we (Greg Brown and
I) had it using @file.read, but then it just stopped working
unexpectedly around October. I have absolutely no idea why. It had
worked fine for about a month prior to that. I put it down to spooky
magic and switched to the backticks. We had a @file.rewind in there

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