[holy ruby programmers batman!] Editor Defaults

Avdi Grimm avdi at avdi.org
Tue Dec 18 11:04:06 EST 2007

Here's an update to the smart editor defaults patch I sent Giles a
little while ago.  Short version: this patch adds smart defaulting to
the edit_interactively() method, which will try to determine your
preferred editor if none is specified.

 * I've added support for the freedesktop.org xdg-open command that
comes with modern Linux distros ilke Ubuntu.
 * I've experimentally moved the interactive editor commands into
their own module which is included in the IRB environment with
#extend, rather than monkeypatching Object.  It seems to work OK, and
it removes some unnecessary pollution of Object (unnecessary because
the editor commands don't need to be called on specific objects).

 * Still no Windows support, although I think I have a better idea now
which registry keys are pertinent to providing it.  Unfortunately I
can't just use the Windows "start" command, because that typically
tells Windows to run the file, not to edit it.

Question for Giles: is there any reason the edited file is read using
Object.class_eval(`cat #{@file.path}`) rather than

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