[holy ruby programmers batman!] .irbrc for Windows Users

Markus Prinz markus.prinz at qsig.org
Sun Dec 16 05:44:05 EST 2007

On 16.12.2007, at 05:27, Giles Bowkett wrote:

> Hey Markus, hey Ben, thanks for this - it's in the README and live  
> on the Web.

I just read through it and I think it's a bit unclear, at least with  
regards to the HOME-Var. There's basically two scenarios here:
a) You aren't using MSYS and/or Cygwin: Just set HOME to a directory  
of your choice, and put your .irbrc in there
b) You are using MSYS and/or Cygwin: Both require HOME to be set to a  
directory of theirs, so while you can put your .irbrc there, I'm not  
sure wether this will always work (e.g. when firing up irb from the  
windows command line).

So I propose the following text instead:
It is also possible to set your HOME-Variable to a directory of your  
choice and put your ".irbrc" in there (It needs to be called ".irbrc",  
"_irbrc" won't work). Since Windows Explorer won't let you create a  
file with a dot in the beginning, use any text editor (Notepad will do  
just fine) and "Save As" to save it as ".irbrc". Please note that this  
is not recommended if you're also using MSYS or Cygwin, as they use  
the same variable for a their own purposes.

Corrections, suggestions, thoughts?

regards, Markus

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