[holy ruby programmers batman!] .irbrc for Windows Users

Markus Prinz markus.prinz at qsig.org
Fri Dec 14 20:23:39 EST 2007

On 14.12.2007, at 17:56, Ben Bleything wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 14, 2007, Markus Prinz wrote:
>> The Docs say that Windows Users are out of luck with regards to
>> the .irbrc - this isn't true. Simply define an environment variable
>> called IRBRC and set it to the full path of your irbrc (e.g. "C:
>> \Documents and Settings\<username>\_irbrc"), and presto, .irbrc for
>> Windows.
> I don't even think you need to set the env var if you just call it
> "irbrc" in your home dir.  I could be wrong though, I haven't tried on
> windows for a while.

As far as I know that won't work because Windows doesn't set HOME by  
default. Setting it to e.g.  "C:
\Documents and Settings\<username>\" will work too, but if you've got  
MSYS or Cygwin running you'll likely run into problems, since they use  
the same variable for other purposes (unless you use the same path as  
they do).

regards, Markus

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