[holy ruby programmers batman!] Utility Belt Strange Error

Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 10:23:38 EST 2007

Hi Marcus - wow, that is weirder than a three-legged emu. I've seen
something similar, once, where errors related to my .irbrc were
showing up in my Rails log. It's possible that Rails loads the .irbrc
by mistake somehow. I might be able to write something for Utility
Belt that checks to see if it was loaded by Rails, or a Rails patch if
I find where it comes from. I'm cc:ing the Utility Belt list to make
sure I remember.

Thanks for the screencast! Excellent way to report a bug. I dig it.

On 12/13/07, Marcus Derencius <derencius at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Giles,
> I'm Marcus, and I just installed your utility belt on my laptop and it took
> a while to realize that it was causing a very strange behavior on some of my
> apps: The edit action on many controllers was not being executed.
> I made a screencast showing it.
> http://screencast.com/t/k6Nlk8Q0Csy
> I don't know if it is only with me, but as soon I get some time I'll try to
> debug.
> Anyway, thanks for sharing it.
> Marcus

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