[Umlaut-general] 1st resolution

Jason Ronallo jronallo at gmail.com
Sat May 10 16:02:16 EDT 2008

Hi, Jonathan,
Just wanted to let you know that I set up Umlaut and got my first link
to resolve. I turned off all services except SFX and PubMed. As I get
API keys to other services, I'll be turning those on as well. Is there
any publicly accessible catalog that would work with the Umlaut for
testing purposes?

Because I wasn't using a direct connection to the SFX database, things
like title search (with auto suggestions?) and A-Z list failed. For a
journal title search I get the error that the table
umlaut_dev.AZ_TITLE doesn't exist. Do you create that with your
load_sfx_urls rake task which draws in data directly from the SFX
database? If I set config.app_config.use_umlaut_journal_index to true,
then it fails because acts_as_ferret isn't loaded. I suppose the
needed info hasn't been pre-fetched from the SFX server database. Was
acts_as_ferret used by Ross to do things like categories?

I know the above is confusing, but I'm a bit confused about how A-Z
list and journal search works right now.

Would it be possible to have a third option which would let Umalut do
title searches and A-Z list dynamically by querying the SFX server
without direct database access or preloading a database? Would the SFX
API help out here? Might be slow, but also the quickest way to get up
and testing it out.

In any case A-Z list and journal search were my biggest problems
getting it up and running. Well, because those failed I wasn't sure it
was up and running right. I could see commenting out many more of the
services in the config files so it's quicker to get that first link

Would it be helpful to include a step by step on creating a mysql
development database?

Now that I've got it up once, I'm going to try installation and
configuration again on a fresh install of Ubuntu.


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