[TZInfo-users] Canberra- EDT vs EST

Thomas A. Moulton tom at moulton.us
Tue Nov 27 13:14:35 UTC 2012

Can you show a snippet of code to demonstrate this?

I ask because I was working with this kind of thing and found a lot of 
ways to do
things that did not generate an error and did not return anything useful.

I think if you run the same demo code on a time 6 months from now it will
also show EST.

I ended up using dst? (or is it is_dst?) as part of time_period to 
figure out what to display
and then using my own function to generate that string


On 11/27/2012 07:08 AM, Garth Home wrote:
> Hi,
> Using tzinfo 0.3.35. With the timezone "Australia/Canberra" the time shows +11, which is right (+10
> and +1 for DST), but I get EST for the zone abbreviation. Shouldn't that be EDT?
> Garth Smedley
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