[TZInfo-users] I'd rather not be AmbiguousTime

Philip Ross phil.ross at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 18:16:03 EDT 2011

Hi Kurt,

On 20 June 2011 18:22, Kurt Werle <kurt at circlew.org> wrote:
> I use several 3rd party gems (ri_cal and others) that can generate
> times for me.  These libraries sometimes wander into AmbiguousTimes -
> when they are generating repeat events, for example.
> I would rather not have to worry about AmbiguousTimes, ever.  It seems
> like a simple solution is to provide a default for the dst value that
> is passed in when generating local times.  To this end, I have
> attached the included patch file, complete with tests.

Thanks for the suggestion and your patch.

> I hope it can be integrated into tzinfo in the near future.

I have committed your patch to svn. The change will be included in the
next release.

In the commit, I also set the default value of the dst parameter of
the local_to_utc method to default_dst. Without this, local_to_utc
would still raise an AmbiguousTime exception in transitions from
daylight savings time.

I also made a change to the test cases to make sure default_dst was
reset back to nil after being changed to avoid having an impact on any
of the other test cases.

Kind regards,


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