[TZInfo-users] GMT timezones

Philip Ross phil.ross at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 08:58:17 EST 2010

Hi Mark,

On 20 December 2010 23:32, Mark Pentland <mark.pent at gmail.com> wrote:
> What confused me further was the
> site: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/australia/queensland/
> It states that Queensland is in GMT+10 ..
> http://www.worldtimezone.com/ also shows Brisbane in GMT+10
> I'm guessing these sites are not using the POSIX standard...

Yes, both of those sites use the standard convention of GMT+n for n
hours ahead of GMT and GMT-n for n hours behind GMT (the opposite to

> I think the best solution is to remove the Etc/* timezones from the list on
> my site.

That sounds like it would be the best option.

Kind regards,


Phil Ross
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