[TZInfo-users] Resolving local_to_utc ambiguities

Stephan Wehner stephanwehner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 14:36:00 EST 2009

Hello there,



it says about the method "Timezone#local_to_utc(local, dst = nil)
{|periods| ...}":

  "If the dst parameter does not resolve the ambiguity, and a block is
specified, it is called."

(The ambiguity being that some local times may correspond to several
UTC times, for example, when switching to daylight savings time, when
there are "two 2 AMs".)

In what circumstances would it happen that dst=true or false is not
enough to "resolve the ambiguity"?

Are there ever more than two elements in the "periods" array that is
passed to the block to pick from?



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